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  1. Aman Verma

    Is film ka music 1/12/1999 ko nikla tha jo ki Udit Narayan ka birthday ka din bhi hai.. No album beats this film from the year 2000 , like really.

  2. FakeM8N. YT

    Sanju sunil g super heros i love him ❤

  3. Amonginsanity

    This video has melted my heart. Sanjay Dutt sahib is so respectful and shy before Aasha ji. He could hardly speak. More she tried to build his confidence, more he kept sinking [ kind of ]. lol. Amazing video ! Sanjay Dutt sahib got it ABSOLUTELY right that Aasha ji with all her range on the vocals and keyboard, is by far the best female singer from India ever. God bless her with great health and long life. May God bless Sanjay Dutt sahib, make him healthy as ever and may he live long and happy.

  4. إبتسام احمد

    Actually the film is about an obsession of love akshay described the film wrong

  5. diz 007

    تحياتي هند وأب درام مندار يفتخر بي ابن كبير بطل عملاق بوبي ذيول سونل ذيول تحية ذيول من سينما☝☝☝☝☝💪💪💪💪 المغريبة☝☝☝👉❤❤

  6. محمد ال يونس __مدرب حراس المرمى

    paprom.info/block/v/a3bQe6yDk6Sfk34.html Gggff

  7. g arenas

    Rekha is simply Gorgeous👌🏻👌🏻A Beauty with a ❤️

  8. Abdul Khan

    They didn’t know themselves they are making classic comedy of all time.

  9. Kishan Devraj

    अंधा कानून फुल एचडी में भेजो सर अमिताभ बच्चन की

  10. Jasper Selwyn

    In this film the role that Ramya Krishna got should have been given to Rekha

  11. Roma S.

    Kr sanu ganda admi ha

  12. Sania Kouers

    Come back

  13. Jagjeet Singh

    Hey bhagwan Itna maataphichi ek ek shot k liye😕 Not an easy task to make a movie

  14. محمد ال يونس __مدرب حراس المرمى

    paprom.info/block/v/r4iekZSfvISFqmk.html Bjkk

  15. Nusrat Rahman

    Ye baby kya jaan haii

  16. Grow Together

    He is very articulate.

  17. roopesh dongre

    Criminal mom's Criminal child.....thts wht happens when u teach ur child like this...

  18. اسطوره انثئ

    Rajesh khanna is a phenomenon that will not be repeaed....Are Rajesh khanna brother vinod khanna...from Iraq

  19. rajesh shukla

    राजकपूर मेरे पसंदीदा हीरो .... 9450857236

  20. Randeep Singh


  21. sargam music

    Amrish puri bahut acche khalnayak tha aur aaj bhi unka naam itihas meh


    One of my favourite movie ever


    In 90's era there was a TV show called "Face To Face" .

  24. Jagruti Patil

    Rani mukharji ki tarha avaj


    Aishwarya Rai is really beautiful 😊

  26. Baba Pathan


  27. Tripti Dangwal

    Ye khud pagal h

  28. Prem Kumar

    Details Pls

  29. Arajit saha

    Jaan struggle lots more

  30. Tiger Queen

    Z best movie ever. ❤

  31. Pariyul Gupta

    Who else is here after Rahul talk about nepotism 😂

  32. Rishabh Sawant

    Disinterest level: Salman Khan

  33. Pawan Kumar

    Deelip ji great actor I like it ❤️👍

  34. siddharajsinh gohil

    Body language to dekho 😊


    Didn't seen our lovely Nandu, sab ka Bandu in set.

  36. Ravi Choubisa

    Plz bring the behind scenes of Phir hera pheri and bhagam bhag😊🤗

  37. Ravi Choubisa

    Rajat Rawail son of Rahul Rawail fantastic director ...... .baitab ...arjun...anjaam .......

  38. rachit singh

    Is sardar ki aankhe bilkul amitabh baccha jaisi hain....!!!

  39. Leena Das

    Pata nahi kiun bt she is looking like Mamta Banerjee..and voice vi same hai😛

  40. pata saha

    Ye chota baccha kya jaan hai?

  41. sanjay singh

    Amitabh bachan sayad itne selfish ho gaye h. Ummid nahi thi. Ab hamlog pure deshwasi aise hi hisab lenge. Mahanayak samajhna galat ho jayega. Kadar ji, mahmood ji sàbko hansaya lekin asal jeevan me Mahanayak se khush nahi the.

  42. Jaza Mirza

    Allah wajid bhai ko jannat naseeb kare.. Aameen

  43. Pravin usendi

    Nice udit sir

  44. Christopher Phillips

    The first superstar Dilip Kumar, 2nd superstar Rajesh Khanna and 3rd superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Balance all CHARSI gang!!

  45. Manisha Manohar

    Muze bahut bura lag raha hai..jan ke liye...kyunki jan bahut sweet person hai ....jan ne bahut negativity zeli hai life main😞

  46. Khan Tahira

    Loved both the actor and actress , i wonder why left the industry. Both are too good looking

  47. Hema Malini

    Daily life is the proof of any bodys truth

  48. Kala Sunder

    My all time favourite actor the one & only Rajesh Khanna.... today I am 65 years old, when I was just 16, me & my classmates went to a theatre in Trivandrum to watch the movie Anand, I remember how many slaps I got from my mother, my God, almost 50 years old incident...

  49. Rajat Gupta

    ऐसी मूवी आज के भड़ुवे नही बना सकते उसके लिए दम होना चाहिए

  50. Crazy Crystals- The Makeup Store

    I never liked Kumar sanu and now I know why I got negetive Vibes from him

  51. tuydib sad

    English aata nahi to q bolta hai.

  52. peter peter

    Rakhi was juicy before.

  53. ajay chavan

    Legendary actor Dinesh Hingoo

  54. M.R Rathore

    She was and she is very beautiful

  55. Pk Roasting

    Kisi actor kis singer ka kamal nai hota sub kamal hota editor ka jo song r movie edit krta

  56. Bharulal Kumawat

    Hello sir

  57. Meena Barman

    Itna Sal ka baccha Itna baat karne sakta hai na mera beta lagti to baat karne sakte hain

  58. DethronerX

    Really good to see the Film camera in this old shoot. Digital has now replaced this medium, but I really hope India keeps shooting on film alongside digital, because even if you can replicate Film look, it's still fake. Real is real

  59. Sham Khan


  60. Jai Apoorva

    2:48 small jaan

  61. yasmeen zaman

    From Pak.🇵🇰🕊Very interesting an honest person. A great poet. Salut to Hasrat Jaipuri Sahib. Dear Kishwar your Dad is AMAR undoubtedly.

  62. Smita Z

    Who is here after bb14

  63. bitan aryan


  64. abhinesh kumar sharma

    Hamesa chalega

  65. niti sharma

    Cuteness overloaded..❤️

  66. Kamran Khan

    Ye bus filmo me hi sher hein asal me gider hein

  67. Gomden news

    Good job Govinda #Gomdennews

  68. Abhishek Mourya

    Aap Kamaal hain udit ji , aapki tareef k liye shabd nhi mere pass. Aisi awaz bollywood ko milna kisi vardaan se kam nhi. Love you Udit ji 💓💓💓😊

  69. Dipika Devi

    He was the greatest of all time

  70. sabina sk

    Queen and MADHURI De best Bollywood

  71. Babu Solanki

    mehu kirshan kol9313203730

  72. Esther subba

    After listening jaan story it has touched MI heart, we don't know how he's mother could have grown him.

  73. Prem Samuthra

    I like Jaan,cute voice. Reserved,polite, humble n too innocent,... that Nikki bad language women, spoiled him,n played . Even now she is doing with d help of mental patient Rahul.

  74. Esther subba

    Bechara jaan suffed for this, Wat kind of father he left son for he's relatives.

  75. SBG KR

    Amazing ❤🙏🙏