Chaal On Location | Jackie Shroff | Kajol | Flashback Video

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18 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼12

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    Watch the dance picturization of a song in the film 'Chaal' starring Jackie Shroff and Kajol in lead roles. The actors play a married couple in the film. Jackie and Kajol have also collaborated for the film 'Hote Hote Pyaar Ho Gaya'. #JackieShroff #Kajol

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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. K

      Like your location videos

    2. Mangal Boricha

      साथ में निर्माता दिग्दर्शक का नाम लिखों हीरो हीरोइन का नाम लिखों ताकी देखने वाले को पता चलें

    3. Waheed Jan

      Jackie dada nice

    4. Nazneen Laskar

      At that time people were so simple

    5. K K

      You should actually put changed name of movie, with which it was released, in the title. 'Hote Hote Pyar Ho Gaya'. Watched it in the childhood, enjoyed it!

    6. amol girkar

      Director kamaal ke the that time rehearsal ke want khud batate the kaise scene karna hain. Abhi waisa nahi hain.

    7. Muhammed farooq Abdulkarim shaikh

      Show me location of chashme baddoor movie of farooq shaikh and dipti naval

    8. Gulmi Rock

      Jackie dada 90s big best hero

      1. Shreyas Sengupta

        Sorry but that goes to SRK

    9. NRR

      the female version song playing hasn't released............

    10. Ajay kumar

      Hote hote pyar ho gya

    11. Abhijit Ghosh

      Name changed to HOTE HOTE PYAAR HO GAYA

    12. Raju arora

      Why u don't mention year of releasing of movie??

    13. Sumeet Grewal


      1. Zamrood Shah

        Hola mi autor