Composer Duo Sanjeev-Darshan Talk About Their Journey In Bollywood | Flashback Video

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2.9 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼2

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    Popular music composer duo Sanjeev-Darshan talked exclusively with Lehren about their work and journey in Bollywood. #SanjeevDarshan

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    1. Debraj Chatterjee

      Saloo ka sab gana copy hain...iss logo ko to kam milna nehi chaiye

    2. Suraj Singh

      Brilliant composers

    3. A G

      Chor saale


      You are son of legendary sharvan Rathod u DESTROYED his name by copying songs

    5. C S Manoj

      They are copy cat audience have rejected if u copy u will get a case of copyright infringement

    6. Ravi Kumar

      Plz upload Nadeem Sharwan video

    7. Farana Begum

      So hardwork congratulations

    8. Rishi K.Vishwakarma

      Mann movie's five song copied, Rishtey movie one song copy.

    9. tushar shinde

      they copied all songs for mann album lol

    10. Ravi Kumar

      Sanjeev Darshan are Best music director they are the son of Sharwan rathod (Nadeem Sharwan)