Himesh Reshammiya's Exclusive Interview On His Career | Flashback Video

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21 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼12

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    Playback singer and music composer Himesh Reshammiya blows his birthday candles on July 23 every year. On his special day, watch his Exclusive throwback interview with Lehren as he talks about his love for music, his career and aspirations. Himesh started his career as music director in 1998 with film 'Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya.' In 2007, he made his acting debut with film 'Aap Ka Surroor.' #HimeshReshammiya #JhalakDikhlaJaa #AapKiKashish

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      I love this legendary composer

    2. Kunga Palden

      He wore a wig. It's clear we can see.

    3. English Angrezi

      Big copy cat and big besura


      Host ko hosting nahi aati abi to nikal b gayi hogi... Bob cut kahi ki... Himesh sir aap humare school time k hero the mast singer wah wah... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh huzoooor tera tera tera suroooor❤️🇮🇳🤧

    5. Sunny Dhankar

      Historic Himesh Sir 🙏

    6. Sunny Dhankar


    7. Sunny Dhankar

      Ye Outstanding Music H

    8. Imageflix


    9. Stuti Rawat


    10. Game Masala

      Misss himesh song Pls like ooooooooo hajoor Tera Tera surooor

    11. Katuri Lalitha

      Happy birthday himesh sir, may you live a happy life

    12. Pics Reviews

      Yeh look acha tha Himesh abi pura chu dikta hai😁😂

    13. Ravi Dutta

      He is truly a living legend. Love you Himeshji. ❤❤❤❤❤

    14. Gulmi Rock

      Kaha gaye himesh reshamiya aaj kal

    15. Ankur Verma

      This guy make us childhood awesome with his songs.........kya mast time tha school se aaker bas himesh Reshammiya ke songs pura din ❤️💕😎✌️

    16. Avinash Panpatil

      Happy Birthday Rockstar #HimeshReshammiya😍🙏🎂

    17. Arjun K.R

      The album he talking in the end went on to be highest selling independent album in India with 55 million copies sold. It is Aap ka Surroor.

    18. Faraaz Khan Official Channel

      Voice Of Emraan Hashmi.

    19. pappu Das

      Happy Birthday to you Rockstar HR

    20. Saifullah

      He is one of the most original composers of bollywood. He’s given amazing soundtracks like Tere Naam , Humraaz and Dulhan Hum Lejayge to name a few. Happy Birthday Himesh! :)

    21. Siddhartha Kumar

      I know that people have varied opinions about Himesh Reshammiya. Some flattering while others not so flattering. But, what I do appreciate about Himesh is that he is a true success story who gave a lot of importance to his target audience. I remember once he came for an interview on Koffee With Karan in 2007. He was shown an AV in which his fans were praising him. Suddenly, he started crying and that was something surprising to see. I always used to think of him as a very arrogant person. But, his demeanour in this and other interviews showcased his humble side as well. He seems very rooted in his musical core. Salman and his family did a great thing by giving him a major break. He became a hugely successful music director with his new style of music direction that he cultivated and showcased in films like Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya, Hello Brother, Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge, Humraaz and, above all, Tere Naam. Aashiq Banaya Aapne made him a singing phenomenon in 2005; thus making him one of the few "phenomena" that Indian cinema and film music scene have ever witnessed. Even though his nasal tone became a butt of many jokes, no one could deny his huge impact on the audience. Then, he entered acting with Aap Ka Suroor and made a big splash with his first role itself. His success, though considered fluke and frivolous by many, was admirable because I truly appreciated his willingness, grit and passion to expand his horizons and come out a winner. He was also a very controversial figure on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa from 2005 to 2009. But, there too he was a winner and I used to agree with him for his willingness to support young talent and to stand his ground on his opinions about various contestants that he used to voice on a regular basis. Although, the fact is that he was rightly never rated highly as an actor or as a singer. He was just the right guy at the right place at that right time in this regard. His main expertise and calling lay in music direction; something which he was running away from in 2008 to 2010 and something which caused his downfall as well. But, what I personally appreciate is that he came back to music direction so successfully. His acting and singing market had crashed from 2008 to 2010. Post-Karzz, he was on a freefall down a precipice. It is then that, after reuniting with Salman and his camp, he regained his footing and came up with hugely successful film albums like Bodyguard, Son of Sardaar, Khiladi 786, Kick and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and, thus, found his footing once more. Such a comeback inspires respect for him. So, Happy Birthday Himesh Reshammiya; an entertainer who has entertained with his various shades and has become one of the most successful music directors of all time. Thanks for the entertainment and may you keep growing wiser and evolving as a music director in order to sustain the entertainment that you have provided to us as a music director. :-)

      1. Siddhartha Kumar

        @Vasu Chhipa Thank you. 🍀

      2. Vasu Chhipa

        Well said

    22. Sanju Kpr

      Before fev look now worst..

    23. winne r

      Himesh reshmiya legendary music director and nice person

    24. winne r

      Gurvinder bajwa my name

    25. winne r

      My friend

    26. winne r

      Nice person

    27. winne r

      Kajrare album Oscar winner music

    28. winne r

      Legendary music director

    29. Rishabh Saluja

      Happy birthday my LEGEND

    30. Reconquista: Hinduism

      He was looking like 30+ in his 20's , then started looking like 30 something even in his 40's.

    31. rancho3178

      Many many happy returns of the day Himesh Bhai....23th July

    32. Rajveer singh oad

      आप का सरूर

    33. Ravindra Yadav

      Himesh reshamiya is good singer