Kajol's Birthday Celebration And Unseen Photoshoot | Flashback Video

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15 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼10

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    Indian film actress Kajol blows her birthday candles on August 5th every year.She was born in 1974 and joined the film industry in 1992. In this flashback video, watch the young Kajol celebrating her birthday. Also watch her Exclusive Interview with Lehren and an unseen photoshoot. #Kajol

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    1. Dhiren Soni

      Love you Kajol ... just wanna give away my whole life to YOU ... You've been So So So Gorgeous and Sanguine ...!! Wanna be with YOU, Forever ...!!!😍😘😘

    2. Memcha Laishram

      I saw geeta from shatkimam .

      1. Abhijit Ghosh

        Vaishnavi was the heroine of Bambai ka Babu along with Kajol.

    3. Gaurav Damaniya

      Wow wow wow what a era it was......................1995 was turning point of kajol's bollywood career......... 1) Bekhudi 2) Bombay ka babu 3) Karan Arjun & finally 4) DDLJ.............Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😎☺☺😎☺☺😎😎😎😎☺☺

      1. Memcha Laishram

        The big card was very popular.

    4. Kulamani Sahu

      Happy birthday

    5. Pratyush Sinha

      Birthday celebrations on the set of the movie "Bambai Ka Babu" on 5th August 1995.

    6. Fusion Art


    7. Red flowers

      Well, that's not retro, to qualify for retro it should be 30-40 years old story, what's your criteria of retro?

    8. Gaurav Muthe


    9. Azhar Aiman

      Happy birtday miss kajol

    10. Varsha Joshi

      Happy birthday KAJOL

    11. chandanaya namonamah

      What speciality is there ????? Nothing !!!!

    12. Annanya Mishra

      Happy birthday kajol mam loads of love from Himachal ...... You are my favorite actress ❤

    13. Ranjodhsingh

      Jisko jisko sunscriber chahiye mujhe subscribe karo like karo or comment ne confirm likho 100% back milega wada h mera 🙏


      who is the girl next to kajol?

      1. Abhishek M

        Vaishnavi mahant She was Part of Classic TV shows "Shaktimaan" and "Yeh un dinon ki baat hai"


        @Lilly Goq Vaishnavi Mahant

      3. Lilly Goq

        even i want to know

    15. Ayeshah Khan

      HAPPY BI4THDAY.we were born on the same day different year. AUGUST 5th 1985 ☺

      1. Samir Sayyad

        uzmaa surve congratulations kid, me too kokni

      2. uzmaa surve

        @Samir Sayyad even i was born on august 5 but 2006

      3. Samir Sayyad

        Saloni Chokshi happy belated birthday both of y

      4. Saloni Chokshi

        I m also born in August in1993

    16. Preetika Nandran

      So nice my favorite actress

    17. Vijayalakshmi Harish

      Happy birthday,


      I haven't seen such an ugly girl in my entire life

    19. Natasha Natasha

      Happy Birthday kajol

    20. Harshal Garde

      Happy Birthday 💐

    21. Md Sunil

      You was , are,will my favorite 🌹🌹🌹

    22. Md Sunil

      My best wishes always for you and your family

    23. Md Sunil

      Happy birthday kajol you r the best actress in the universe

    24. Engi August

      KAJOL😍.. She is my most favourite Bollywood actress and I am happy to born in the same time with her... Love Kajol.. I don't know how to express how much i am happy..Happy Birthday Mrs. Super..

    25. Santosh Sai

      Wish u happy birthday kajolji

    26. Antima Bhardwaj

      Kajol was not very beautiful in her younger day but she grew beautiful with the time. Along with she was lucky

      1. Raju arora

        @Shivaji Naik , Maharashtra, JAY HIND right said

      2. Shivaji Naik , Maharashtra, JAY HIND

        Mtlb gori ho gyi hai injection se.. whitening treatment

    27. uzmaa surve

      happy birthday kajol maam wish you many many happy returns of the day to you maam i am a 14 year old and today is my birthday also . & i am a very big fan of yours

      1. uzmaa surve

        @Santosh Sai navi mumbai

      2. Santosh Sai

        @uzmaa surve kahanse ho ap

      3. uzmaa surve

        @Santosh Sai THANK U

      4. Santosh Sai

        Wish u happy birthday uzmaa

    28. Rabi Kumar

      Happy birthday 🎂 kajel

    29. Sumit Sharma

      🌟 star kids ki kitni khatir Hoti hai

      1. sameer solanki

        Terra amir bhi star kid hi hai