Making Of Haasil | Jimmy Sheirgill | Irrfan Khan | Trigmanshu Dhulia | Flashback Video

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    Haasil is a crime drama film directed by Trigmanshu Dhulia. The film stars Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Sheirgill, Ashutosh Rana and Hrishitaa Bhatt. Watch the making of the film. #IrrfanKhan #JimmySheirgill #AshutoshRana #TrigmanshuDhulia

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    1. Abhijeet Sarkar

      Hit like..if u r from Allahbad..

    2. Invincible Soldiers

      Irfan trully says "Log bhul nhi payenge" I can never accept him as Past, he is and will be the best Indian actor for me. True friends "Tishu and Irfan"

    3. Raj Khan

      irrfan ji forever n forever in my heart till the last breath.

    4. Ajay kumar

      Movie bahut hi achi h. Es movie ka ek romantic song bahut hi superb h

    5. विकेश यादव विकेश यादव

      Nice Hiro

    6. Rajesh Hamal

      Anyone noticed ramadhir singh from Gangs of wasseypur?

      1. Aashish Bhatia

        Tigmanshu dhulia . He's originally a director .

    7. harry cool

      We miss u irfaan Bhai

    8. Ravi Choubisa

      Rip Irfan sir

    9. Raju arora

      I requested many times plz mention year of shooting time, location and year but You don't really care about viewers

      1. Aashish Bhatia


    10. Nikhil Doshi

      Making of pls. mention month & year

      1. Aashish Bhatia

        Year is 2002. Because at 9:35 Tigmanshu dhulia mentions " last year Lagaan and gadar were released "

    11. Sharaf Shaz

      Awsome 👌👌

    12. sumit kharat

      Aishwarya rai making video