On The Sets Of Gunaah (2002) | Bipasha Basu | Flashback Video

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    Watch this unseen video from the sets of 2002 Hindi film Gunaah starring Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea in lead. The film was initially named 'Encounter' but the name was changed prior to release. #BipashaBasu

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    1. AvY Videos

      Amol Shetge....marathi director

    2. Mah Fah

      Awesome finally original voices and discussions. This is why I love this channel.

      1. B M Shadman Sakib

        And also the reason when Dino was protecting her life from the man who attacked him

      2. B M Shadman Sakib

        The end of the scene where she killed The hero of whom she really loved

    3. Saleem Ahmed


    4. Sylvano Desouza

      The film was titled encounter but as there was another film encounter releasing in same yr starring Naseeruddin Shah they changed it to gunaah

    5. Sylvano Desouza

      Irrfan Khan got noticed after the film

    6. Sylvano Desouza

      Bipasha's voice was dubbed in film

    7. Manish Kannaujiya

      Gajab shoot

    8. Fazil Raza

      Kia bat hai bipasha

    9. Gulmi Rock

      आज बिपसा बासू का बर्थडे है कौन कौन है बिपसा बासु का फैन?

    10. J K

      Good old days