Premiere Party Of Film Mohabbat (1997) | Madhuri Dixit | Sanjay Kapoor | Flashback Video

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    Mohabbat is a Hindi romantic film starring Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Kapoor and Akshay Khanna. The film was released in 1997 and turned out to be a flop at the box office. Watch the grand premiere of the film. #MadhuriDixit #SanjayKapoor #Mohabbat

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    1. satbir bhullar

      5:19 beautiful moment. How madhuri handles it. If it was me I would freak out if someone try’s to hug me

    2. razshi

      Everything was so simple those days

    3. Expecto Patronus

      How innocently the boy said in last.. Madhuri is the most beautiful girl in the world ❤️

    4. Remo Love

      MADHURI BUDDI is BUDDi now

    5. Zain Jan

      Nadeem Shravan ❤️

    6. Abhishek M

      Me while seeing Madhuri Dixit WOW WOW WOW - - - WOW

    7. Abhishek M

      Madhuri Dixit is So Hell Damn Beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍

    8. Pooja Chopra

      Nice Premier

    9. Pooja Chopra

      Madhuri Dixit

    10. Pooja Chopra

      Madhuri is most beautiful and evergreen. Wow

    11. Inder Pratap Singh Salathia

      *It was strange to see that here Madhuri ma'am was nothing in front of Sanjay sir's charms*

    12. Adrian Fredericks

      Biggest Indian female superstar is Madhuri love from Sweden

    13. sabina sk

      Queen of Bollywood MADHURI De best no1

    14. Shefali Bhatt

      Dil tera aashiq ka premier video please

    15. karannath911

      Madhuri k naam ki jisko muth marna h reply me

    16. MD

      Madnil ❤️❤️