Re-Release Of 1957 Film Naya Daur | Dilip Kumar | Asha Bhosle | Flashback Video

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    Naya Daur is a sports drama film released on 15 August 1957. It stars Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Ajit and Jeevan in pivotal roles. The film was directed and produced by BR Chopra and it became the second highest grossing film of that year after Mother India. It was originally filmed in black and white but on the completion of 50 years of its release, the film was relaunched in color. The relaunch event was held on July 9, 2007 at Mumbai's JW Marriott in suburban Juhu. The black and white film was re-released in colour on August 3. Asha Bhosle, who got her big break with this film as a playback singer released the music. BR Chopra, founder of BR Films arrived in a wheelchair and was accompanied by his son Ravi Chopra. BR Chopra's younger brother Yash Chopra too marked his presence. Dilip Kumar attended the event with his beloved wife Saira Banu. #DilipKumar #BRChopra #YashChopra

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    1. Sharafat Hussain

      Very nice picture

    2. Bilal Chikte

      Dilip saheb is equal to ❤️ May Almighty bless him a very healthy health ❤️🤞

    3. Nayan Parashar

      can anyone tell me how Dilip sahab got that tumer like. thing in his head?

    4. Aftab Abidi

      Kya Aaj koee kaisi film bana sakta hai? Naya Daur rahti duniya tak ek missal regi BR Chopra saheb unki team ko bahot bahot Mubarak

    5. Haneef Welocity

      Dilipji & Vyjayanthimala a success pair in Bollywood,their all film became super hit. Absence of star Vyjayanthi is missing the beauty of celebration.

    6. Bankim Pathak

      Aasha ji thi kyou ki op nair saab the

    7. Anwesha Das Gupta

      They forgot vyjaynthimala ji and OP Nayyar saab so sad even kumkum ji had a huge part to play.

    8. Nadim Khan

      Golden people's Golden memories above all Dilip Sahab

    9. varaa1

      I saw this film in Thika, Kenya, as a kid and have loved it's lovely songs to this day.👍


      When i saw this movie for the first time..i got spell bound by the Acting of Dalip sahib..when he makes a bet with jeevan sahib in the movie..the Acting he has done in that scene..oscar if also small for that Acting..its looked as if..Dalip sahib was making the bet to jeevan ji..not the character..excellent

    11. Shaik Raheem


    12. Ravinder Tanda

      Credit of Asha Bhosle 's success goes to Great O.P. Nayyar, music director

      1. Lata Nandargikar

        @Ravinder Tanda _ Shuru Shuru mein aapaki baat sahi hai, ki shuruat ke o.p Nayyar bahutse gane Shamshad Begum aur Greta Dutt ne Gaye the. Lekin baad mein Ashaji ne hi unake gane Gaye.

      2. Ravinder Tanda

        I think O. P. Nayyar Saheb became successful because of Legendary singer Shamshad Begum ji

      3. Lata Nandargikar

        Ekdam correct. Ashajiko is film ke gane mile sirf O.P.Nayyar sab ki vajahse. Pehele Chopra sabne Nayyar sab ko ye kaha tha ki is film ke gane latadidi aayegi. Lekin Nayyar sab ne ye shart Rakhi thi ki gane Ashaji aayegi to hi mai is film ka music doonga. Isiliye film ki kamyabimein music director Nayyar sab ka bada yogdan hai.

    13. Amardeep Singh

      I am so disappointed to see that all these big personalities forgot the most important aspect of the movie, MUSIC by the MAESTRO OP Nayyar Saab. And Asha Bhosle gave entire credit to BR Chopra which is blatant lie as it was OP Nayyar who stood his ground to bring Asha to limelight as she was being bullied by her own DIDI, and she didn’t even mention his name once. Dilip Kumar tried to bully OP Nayyar in one of the success parties of the movie by saying sarcastically to him that his dance and acting was the reason for the success of Bhangra numbers of the movie. OP being OP, replied back that even a dead body could act on his songs and yet his songs could get hit. This resulted in both not working together ever. Bollywood is Bull Shit!

      1. Ali Ranmal

        These peoples forget Sahir Ludhwani and O.P.Nayyar.

    14. KNN Shayar

      Great Dalip Sahab

    15. Nikhil Rai

      Inke baache kyon nahin hue

    16. Sayyed Asqari

      I have seen this movie more dan 30 time every time injoyed Great dilip Kumar very great ,


      Asha ji kabhe Rafi sab Ka zikr. B kr Diya kare

      1. Meena Gokhale

        @Shakil Ahmad Main हिराँईन कहाँ है? वो होती तो चार चाँद लगते. वो नही तो जान भी नही है प्रोग्रँममे.

      2. Meena Gokhale

        @Shakil Ahmad true. वो खभी रफीसाबके बारेमे बोलती नही. हिचकिचाताहै दोनो बहने.

      3. Shakil Ahmad

        Dono bahne Rafi sahab ka zikr karne se bachti hain, jalan ka madda hai.

    18. Ahmed SOLTANI

      the movie naya daur was a bad luck charm bethween dilip kumar and madhubala

    19. Prince kumar

      One of my fav movie

    20. Manju Sharma

      B R..sahab..apne madhubalaji ku hataya....rog de diya pyar tod diya ..shadi tod di unki dilip se .ku


    22. Oscar Riga

      Golden Era is gone........But memories are with us forever......God bless everyone!

    23. munira khan

      Fantastic shandar film shandar acters shandar music sab kuch shandar ❤️

    24. Rehana Khan

      Dilip saheb the legendary will remain always in our heart. Allah Subhanallah Tala unko sehat ata kare..aamin

      1. Shaik Raheem


    25. Rafiq Arain

      Great film top star Dilip best film maker good songs by RAFI ASHA 1957 today 2020 still best film

    26. Lokesh Lokesh

      I am 22 year old. I realized that Dilip Sahab is a perfect gentleman, I would like to be like that. He has intensity in his character. 🙏

      1. Anil Kumar Jaiswal

        Exact words of my father who was born in 1941.

    27. rocky master designer

      Shushant singh sad poetry 👉

    28. vidya rao

      Why the heroin Is absent in this event. This is politics.

      1. Anil Kumar Jaiswal


    29. Hamed Assifi

      Yash Chopra, BR Chopra & even Ravi Chopra, all gone

    30. sonal mandani

      kash dilip kumar phir sa Naya duor wala dilip kumar banjata

    31. Desi THAKUR GROUP


    32. Sheeba Khan

      Legend never be old

    33. Khalil Ahmad Samim

      the real king of Bollywood dilip kumar

      1. Shujah Mohammed

        @Various Things haan . Yusuf khan is the king of Bollywood.

      2. Various Things

        @Shujah Mohammed dilip nhi.... Bhai... Yusuf bolo yusuf.... Dilip to dhokha dene k liye rkha tha apna naam isne

      3. Shujah Mohammed

        @Various Things He might be a big fan of Dilip.

      4. Various Things

        Tera papa lgta h kya?????? 🤔 🤔

    34. Varsha Joshi

      Dilip kumar is lucky guy, he got saira as good companion.Bad luck if SUSHANT,got friend like 3rd class sanskar riha

      1. Mohammad haroon jilani

        Such comparison is out of question. Dilip Saheb BR Chopra Yash Chopra , We are watching legends.

      2. ENewsy

        RIP Sushant. Due to some stupids like Varsha your name figured here. These people don’t understand that the video is about classic Naya Daur, a legendary actor. Apart from it, here are two legendary directors and producers who are no more among us. BR Chopra gave us some classics out of the box films.

      3. Ron S

        Dilip Kumar ki tulna SSR se mat kro...

    35. MD Arif

      How one can forgot the legendary song " Uden jab jab zulfein teri "

    36. Azeez Khan

      Great Dilipkumar Nayadaur Like Films Cannot Be Madeagain

    37. Reyaz Ansari

      Isko pyar ek dusre ka samman karna kahte hai br chopra yas chopra aur dilip kumar ka Milan dekhkar aisa lagta hai

    38. Arun Virmani

      NAYA DAUR, Saw it on d Dussehra Day 📍1957, soon after d Raavan Dehan began at Ramlila Grounds, at d Neraby ODEON Cinema, in CP New Delhi 🎯 GREAT FILM in all respects. Saw this Movie, in Color at Siri Fort Auditorium, as a part of d Film Festival. Yash Chopra, presided, since BR Chopra was not well. These days, I often listen to its songs, in my Morning ritual of Shave n Shower, which invioragtes me for d Entire Day...🙏

      1. NITIN ANAND

        I am 30 yr old , but l saw more then 15 times this film Bahut achhi

      2. Anil Kumar Jaiswal

        Good memories

    39. Mohammed ALi

      Best of Best

    40. Raj Kumawat

      हमारे, चीन की बॉर्डर पर तैनात महान सैनिक- भाइयों के लिए भी...Like.जिनकी टॉप 5 भारत-चीन वास्तविक युद्ध फिल्में जरूर ही देखनी चाहिए--> जिनके बलिदान की वजह से हम आप सब मजे से... यूट्यूब पर वीडियो बनाते हैं और देखते हैं... प्लीज सपोर्ट इंडियन आर्मी... जय हिंद जय भारत.... जय श्री राम..............

    41. Phiroze Kassam

      Very good to see

    42. Satrohan Royyy

      2007 : BR Chopra Saab jaisa Haal tha waise 2020 : Dilip Kumar Saab ab haal Hai So crying momment hota hai 😥

      1. Rahamathulla J

        @Nareshrao Rao Thanks for the correction. Jai hind.

      2. Nareshrao Rao

        @Rahamathulla J so calucate isn't 2020 going to end in the next seventy days 1922 to 2020 makes it 98 it's basic maths which means he's nearing 100 just 2 short

      3. Rahamathulla J

        @Nareshrao Rao Dilip kumar was born in 1922. See internet.

      4. Nareshrao Rao

        @Arun Virmani your wrong yeah he's suffering from memory loss but you must remember he's nearing 100 please get your facts right

      5. Arun Virmani

        Dilip Kumar Sahab is also in a very, Vegetated condition, for a Very long time...God take care of him...🙏

    43. Ron S

      Ab ese Actor Director fir se janam nhi lene wale aur na hi ab esi filme banegi Hindustan me...

    44. Chiranjeev Sahoo

      Aamir Khan Lagaan naya daur

    45. Adi Entertainer

    46. pradeep Goswami

      Old is gold

    47. Philosophy and Fitness