Shooting Of Album Loomba Loomba | Baba Sehgal | Flashback Video

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    Watch the shooting of album Loomba Loomba. It's song 'Miss Loomba Loomba' was written, sung and directed by Baba Sehgal and was launched under the label of T-Series. #BabaSehgal

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    1. Yo-man

      Plz upload miss loomba loomba music video by baba sehgal bcz this video no where on social media n tv media n dvd even baba sehgal dnt hv plz upload baba sehgal this video n howzatt video from album meri jaan hindustan 1997

    2. Faraaz Khan Official Channel

      Baba Sehgal The First Indian Rapper .

      1. Yo-man

        Do u hv miss loomba loomba music video?n howzatt from meri jaan hindustan

    3. Expif

      WTF is happening at 9:16?

    4. Nil Poddo

      Any one have this full video song loomba loomba.

    5. True True

      Who is this director who making music vdo and effort like making full length movie “ nice 👍

      1. Waseem AHMAD

        @True True welcome bro

      2. True True

        Waseem AHMAD thank you bhai mere

      3. Expif

        True True useless fellow

      4. Waseem AHMAD

        This was Ken ghosh....fida movie director

    6. Roye crist

      His haircut style same as today's haircut style.

    7. Yo-man

      Thank u so much atleast u found miss loomba loomba thank u lehren

    8. Devender Singh

      Baba Sehgal and usha bacchani (Rasode me kaun hai )fame

      1. ahsan asad

        Not usha in rasode....

      2. S R

        Oh god rasode me kaun tha woman is Rupal Patel not Usha ...... 😂

    9. Sidd Agarwal

      9:17 best supporting cast

      1. Jay Bee Printers

        @jsschill05 he is busy in South Film Industry and busy with his single track which release aprox once in a week

      2. jsschill05

        What's exactly is he doing???


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    11. jintu sarma

      I love Bollywood 🎥 movie From Assam guwahati