Song Recording For Film Taal (1999) | Subhash Ghai | Flashback Video

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    Watch the song recording for the popular musical romantic film 'Taal' helmed by Subhash Ghai. The film starred Aishwarya Rai, Anil Kapoor and Akshaye Khanna in lead roles and was released in 1999. 'Ishq Bina', 'Taal Se Taal', 'Ramta Jogi', are some of the popular tracks from the film. #Taal #SubhashGhai #AishwaryaRai

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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Sunil Rajeshirke

      Ye ek bakwas film director hai

    2. K K

      Background Music recording!

    3. Singh is King

      And today Bollywood sidelined AR Rahman..

    4. BloodBrothers

      Who thought 21 years later the whole world would be working from home.

    5. Dolyang Orange

      They have to take so many efforts to make one song it’s not easy task

    6. Raj kumar

    7. Nizam

      Great musician.. All time hits.. Mr AR rahman

    8. Waheed Jan

      Jackie shroff movie nice

      1. Singh is King

        Jackie isme nhi tha

    9. Mohammed Murtuza

      Nadeem Shravan recording please

    10. rahul kr

      Nadeem shravan Recording plz plz

    11. Rohan kumar

      plese coli No1 Making Govinda

    12. M Tanveer

      Last brigade of Masaledar Phillum makers SG aka pot pouri . Who had wafer thin story ( almost none) depend mainly on music & song picturization to make it hit. Sad & true Ghai Saab never made great film ,made films on tried& tested formula never took risk later in early 2000 his films became outdated 😏. Good he quitely moved away from showbiz 🤔

    13. Divesh

      Subhash bhai was good director in 90s but he had bad reputation of casting couch.... he wanted to sleep with everyone

      1. Singh is King

        Kiske sath Kiya tha

    14. CaribbeanDude

      ARR in Madras, Subhash in Bombay and there comes another super duper hit. Sad to see new generation don't listen to soothing music anymore.

      1. FM WITH ARSH

        @123 kumar maine to nahin kaha ki aap kuch nahi jante

      2. 123 kumar

        @FM WITH ARSH pta h bro , raaz film k music k lie Grammy award-winning composer ne unke music ko appreciate kia tha, tu ye mt soch mai Nadeem Shravan k bare m kuch nhi jaanta pehle m kumar sanu or nadeem shravan k kaafi songs sunta tha,,

      3. FM WITH ARSH

        @123 kumar bhai me ye nahi kehra ki ar rahman kharab hai me ye keh raha hun ki Nadeem Shravan are good too and about their songs dekha hai pehli baar konsi shaadi me bajta hai plus latest of Nadeem saifi didn't came under a big banner it was a small one and still the songs were hit aur baat rahi tony kakkar ki uske jayadatar videos big banners ke under aate hai aur un channels par jinki bohot sare subs hai plus vo dilbar Dilbar to suna hoga na vo Nadeem Shravan ki composition hai original and the remake one has like 1billion views plus Nadeem Shravan ki raaz album ka music Paul McCartney ko pasand aaya tha plus sharvan ji shared in an interview that he got so many calls from foreigners about the appreciation of music plus raja album ke liye Nadeem Shravan ko London me award bhi mila tha

      4. 123 kumar

        @FM WITH ARSH thoda glt anuman lgata h bhai tu, m north indian hu , haryana fbd se ,, or wiki hi pdh ta hu mai,, or views mai nhi jata , ab wo gana h mubarak ho tumko ye shadi tumari , sjadi me kaafi bjta hai , to aise to views bdjenge hi bhai, rahman sir k worldwide sune Jate h gaane, or jo masterpiece songs hote hai unke views jada hi ya km ho , wo masterpiece hi rehte h,, ab dekho chupad se tony kakkar k songs me bhi kaafi views aajate h 🙄🙄

      5. FM WITH ARSH

        @123 kumar acha Nadeem Shravan nahi chale kabhi aap bhi padhiye wiki Nadeem Shravan album's were always in top3 until 97 and they came again in 00s quality song's are made by Rahaman too I like his Ghajini songs and taal title track u might be from south cause there only rahamn was the one composing no one else if you look upon on bollywood nobody could match ns in 90s and 00s jab top 10 albums ki baat aati hai to Nadeem Shravan ki 4 album's aati hai jaha rehamn ki sirf ek ya do aur jab dekha jata hai decade wise who's the best then 90s= Nadeem Shravan not rahman in recent years the song hue bechain pehli baar came out wirtten by Nadeem safi one half of Nadeem Shravan and composed by him too and that got like 350+million views abhi dekho rahamn ke video koi hai more than 300million

    15. FM WITH ARSH

      Lehren Nadeem Shravan recording please

      1. Kabir Anand

        Yes I also want

      2. FM WITH ARSH

        @rahul kr yes we want to see it

      3. rahul kr

        Exactly thats what i wanted to say plz Nadeem shravan recording with kumar sanu