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    This flashback video features the success party of 1998 film Satya. The cast and crew came together to celebrate when the film completed 100 days in theatres. Satya is a Hindi crime film directed and produced by Ram Gopal Varma. It was written by Saurabh Shukla and Anurag Kashyap. The film stars Urmila Matondkar, Manoj Bajpayee, Shefali Shah, Paresh Rawal, J.D. Chakravarthy, and Saurabh Shukla. The film was praised by critics and was a big success at the box office. It won six Filmfare Awards and a National Award. Over the years, the film gained the label of 'cult film'. This film boosted the career of Manoj Bajpayee and Anurag Kashyap. #UrmilaMatondkar #AnuragKashyap #ManojBajpayee

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    1. Aabida Dar

      She looks gorgeous. So simple

    2. George Francis

      JUSTICE for SSR!

    3. #B__ Ti

      urmila was underrated maal

    4. Shreyansh Paduru

      Urmila Natural beauty and very good actress

    5. Shreyansh Paduru

      Late 80's and 90's bollywood was struck with Music and marraiges. RGV showed how to make realstic movies. In Telugu also , Hero/Star centric , He changed whole thinking process

    6. Shreyansh Paduru

      when RGV was showing to Bollywood how to make movies when they struck with movies - Music and marriages (shadi's)

    7. Zohan Karati

      Urmila ❤

    8. Tayan Maschatak

      7:53 legend!

    9. Zohra Zeba

      The natural curls with no make up look

    10. The real rao

      There was once a genius called Ram Gopal Verma..........

    11. sat gadhvi

      Every one is gangster until "Manoj Bajpayee" comes in limelight !

    12. Vijay Pamul

      Who knows RGV well ?? 🤪😆😆😆

    13. Ritu Kumari

      Cuhar Anurag....nd....dirty urmila....

    14. Ujwalsubba Subba

      Satya success movie party 90s no mobile no selfie😁

    15. Tanushree Rana

      So simple! What’s happened to parties now a days?? It’s only noise and daaru. Look at Urmila! She looks ethereal! So beautiful, so natural. And someone just called her a “soft porn actress”! Such a shame!!

    16. Titu Mukherjee

      Young Anurag kashyap

    17. Neel P

      Drugs party nahi ki to kya mazaa yaar...

    18. A bhik Daswas

      "Aaj kapoor" was also there 🤣🤣

    19. Tejee Gill

      Ise time rgv ise urmila ko chodta tha na..

    20. ABC

      They all look sick and anemic

    21. Ritesh Bagul

      Mumbai ka king kon bikku mhatre

    22. Ritesh Bagul

      Superb movie

    23. Ronak Shah

      Aaj kapoor still looks the same 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    24. priya k

      Rgv was in full drugs .. his eyes are not closing

    25. Venumadhav Kaduluru

      RGV good at recognising best talent. Last 25 years the talent he spotted made good careers except urmila and chakravarthy

    26. geetha madhuri 3.0

      Rgv is God

    27. shakmila pola

      Urmila she is soooooo georgeous.

    28. Blissful Rajput


    29. Eash

      When Anurag Kashyap was not a dimwit

    30. Srikanth Thailie

      Rgv is good man

    31. Relax & StudySmart

      still shi is a maal......

    32. Onel Kumar

      Sab ke sab nashe mein dhutt hai, look at facial expression of them

      1. Ritu Kumari's clear seem...

    33. Deepak Patel

      Yet so underrated the 'Sayta' is. I thik it should had global appearance. The cult and best movie of Hindi film cinema.

    34. Santosh Chankayam

      #revolutionforSSR #SaveSahil# #boycottbollywoodNepotism #eliminatePoliticalviolence .. #stopchildtraffic Hello my friends! India is going more backwards dirty politics, child trafficking, child abuse and rape, Bollywood nepotism, star kids, it’s time to raise your voices!! Keep burning like a fire and don’t give up! 🙏🙏..And Guys pls Save Sahil Chaudhary! He jeopardize his own life for the sake of SSR. He is truly fearless and genuinely upfront 👌. And pls 🙏 keep fighting for SSR, boycott Bollywood nepotism, boycott star kids . Time is constantly passing one moment fast upon other. That's why it is so important to press forward boldly and raise your voice to fight and eliminate dadagiri of Bollywood and political violence .. jay hind 🙏

    35. Shantanu Inamdar

      Urmila had a typical Marathi face. Gorgeous

    36. Haresh Thakker

      Look at the simplicity and way of talking. Cant be seen now a days in actors.

    37. rohan aurangabadkar

      Rgv is a legend

    38. Ramesh Kumar

      elaga unde RGV ela ayipoyado...

      1. geetha madhuri 3.0

        Kalam mare koddi manam kuda update avvali boss


      Bhiku mhatre nailed it

    40. JJ Veliyannukaran

      This was a movie when I saw the trailer I knew it was super hit movie so simple bhiku mathre

    41. JS S

      Not born criminal..... yes you are right... you became one latter in your life.

    42. T Chowdhury

      according to Kangana this is Soft Porn ...

    43. Anjum Khatri

      Bade stars aur directors ki gaand jal gai

    44. Salil Kamra

      Urmila without make up looking gorgeous. Is she looking like a soft porn star as commented by that charsi idiotic Kangana. Kangana herself was not less than a porn star before Queen. Urmila has done only few intimate and erotic scenes in her long career whereas Kangana has done more intimate and erotic scenes in her career just like a porn star does. Hypocrisy at it's best.

    45. National Infographic

      7:50 Harshad Mehta kya kar raha hai Urmila ke baju main?

      1. Tanushree Rana

        Whattt???? He is Vishal Bharadwaj the music director!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🙏🏻🙏🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. Aditya A. Aima

      Innocent days without drugs

    47. Devesh Dwivedi

      See all the Anti National under one roof....All the bunch of bustards.

    48. Abhijit L

      Check out Urmilas sexy figure at 16.15...she was the only known face in this masterpiece...

    49. rishabh gulati

      OMG Urmila without makup n yellow teeths

    50. K C

      Anurag looks like Kanhaiya Kumar🤣🤣

    51. Ashish Trivedi

      What a days it was ! 5 ruppes upar and 10 rupees balcony with 2 rupees singchana 20 rupees enjoy movie with afternoon school bunk ..... ? Missing those days ....

    52. maddy jogdand


    53. Ashutosh Rai

      Satya success party without the satya I mean jd chakravarthy. Jd chakravarthy performance greater then all but this is called nepotism.

      1. Ajinkya Patil

        -Nepotism????How,can you explain?

    54. shreyas shady

      RGV was normal that time, after a tree brach fell on him he started acting like nerd..

      1. rohan venu

        That's what happens when shit gets appreciated instead of talent.. Thanks to Mr. SSR the shit is going to get cleaned.. RIP SSR

    55. anurag Vats

      Marathi acters ki shakal aissi lagg rahi thi jaisey binna muh dhoye agaye ho 🤪😂 or Fish rice khaa k aaye ho local train sey travell kr k raat ko sharab pee ho or agley dinn binna muh dhoye agaye ho 😂😂😂😂😂

    56. Abdullah Jan

      Anurag sir at 7:42 😍

    57. THEJACK007

      This so called RGV has always glorified underworld. Boycott bollywood

      1. panacea20111

        Its called storytelling. No one put a gun over your head forcing you to watch the movie. I loved it.

    58. Umesh Kulkarni

      Thank you for uploading this video ! Anurag Kashyap @9:20 😊 so nice

    59. Rohit Kumar

      Satya is my 7th film.... says the whole story of hard work🙏

      1. JPC

        @Deepak Patel Said my Manoj Bajpai

      2. Deepak Patel

        @rohit kumar My 7th film??


      Anuraag kitna kanwla hai uar yaha

    61. Dhanraj Tolar

      Boht c h o d a. Hai Ramu nei Urmila ko..

    62. Monica's Ulagam!!!

      Urmila 😍😍😍😍 gutsy to come without caking herself with make up , yet she looks so beautiful!! ♥

    63. qwerty ytrewq

      Urmila is actually a muslim under hindu name. Sinister lady.

      1. Perzin Daruwala

        Shame on u. Urmila has not changed her name nor converted. Bullshit

    64. reema kanekar

      Such simplicity that time each one is simple and sincere towards their work now days aage Kuch aur piche Kuch aur hi Chalta hai

      1. S Jo F

        Even then the mafia underworld all were there....only thing is that these guys were freshers then ....better players were there to do all and when time passed these guys all took over their games... Overall simplicity in conducting the success parties were there ..

    65. Srinivas Bevara

      Criminal story movie

    66. Trouvaille Trolls

      @8:20 Anurag Abhi bhi Aisa hi hai


      Young Anurag Kashyap with such versatility.

    68. Prash Kam

      Bhiku mhatry was outstanding One of the best movie of RGV

    69. Abdullah Ansari

      Kangana raand hai

    70. G S

      Satya kahan h bc

    71. Anil kumar Shahapur

      celebration without SATYA ( Chakravarty)

    72. Anil kumar Shahapur

      Where is Chakravarty I mean SATYA

    73. singh vijaya

      Thank god our childhood was with these legend... not like today's dustbin kangana. Worried about today kids...who will see these opportunitiniest.. Like kangna..who miss uses her rights

      1. kalyani skandakumar

        @singh vijaya ab aayi asliyat pe letrin wali.gandi tu

      2. kalyani skandakumar

        @singh vijaya oh so you have no problems with Deepika who supported JNU protests which lead to Shaheen Bagh riots.only a criminal like you support deepija

      3. Sahil Siddiqui

        @Vikas Hardasmalani and i m true indian unlike u🇮🇳

      4. singh vijaya

        @Bubbly Srinath she is only scared of bjp n mumbai ne usko star banaya usko pok bolti hai badtameez dustbin...toh wo up k hathras me hine wali ghatna se up ko kya bolegi.....kuchhh nahi na...fatttu fattu... apportunistic....

      5. singh vijaya

        @Vikas Hardasmalani hehehe andhbhak spotted

    74. singh vijaya

      Being super star of her time she is so soft n polite...not like today's dustbin like Kangna.. love u urmila

      1. Sumam Kunjumon

        Kangana herself dated all married mens in industry to reach there and say other soft porn. This is the truth of kangana

      2. panacea20111

        singh vijaya - Absolutely, completely agree!Kangana is nothing but a bully, manipulative complaining liar, who cant stand other actresses with equal or better talent than her and always lashes out on others. People like Sonu Sood who actually helped others during the difficult times of Covid are not promoting themselves, but she (who never helped a single human being but used others) is pretending to be a National Hero just to gain political traction. She is a hypocrite and a selfish person who is using another actors death to her advantage . I used to like her as an actress before but lost all respect for her after her shenanigans

      3. panacea20111

        Manish - Also, the likes on your comments are far less than the original commenter who agrees with me, so you must be really stupid to use that logic to prove that point.

      4. panacea20111

        Manish - Obviously im desperate because i have to explain simple logic and reason to idiots like you for you to see the truth. Although i know its a futile attempt ( because common sense failed the likes of you) , i still try!!l Btw, you seem more desperate by posting the same message there’s that😬

      5. singh vijaya

        @panacea20111 true....jisne apne father ko hi ulta thappad jadne ki baat bol di aaj wo modi k support se sanskaro ka gyaan padhaa raha hai.. .pahle sab ko use jar k upar aayi phir jiske bhi saath usne kaam kiya sabka naam lekar gaali di ilzaam lagaya.....sabse pahle aise haramkhoro ko bollywood ne boycott karna chahiye....jis mumbai ne use aaj jo wo hai wo banaya usko bhala bura bolti hai.. Badtameez ladki.. dustbin Kangana

    75. Deepti Rane

      Rgv only worked with ur Mila, give n take buss

    76. satyam sahu

      This RGV guy has had his way with so many... Aur shakal dekho... Proves kismat ke aagey kuch nahi....

    77. ameerah ameerah

      Lol..😂whenever i see her now..something else come to my soft🤭

    78. N N

      Simple.... not made up like today

    79. Vikas Jaiswal

      Bombay ka King Kaun BHIKU Mhatre .....

    80. Manoj Singh Dhanadi

      Spotted actor Anupam who is now battling for life in hospital with less money.

      1. Manoj Singh Dhanadi

        He was in Pratigya.

    81. Suresh Khanduri

      ऊर्मिला जी की रामजी गोपाल वर्मा ने सत्या फिल्म की शूटिंग के time pe जबरदस्त ली थी

      1. Reeta Rawat

        सुरेशजी आप कितने frustrated hai - low life

    82. Ajit Mishra

      Where is mail character of Satya.?

    83. LDR

      now RGV has become much too intelligent to make a film thats pleasing to audience as well as to himself... hope he comes back and gives one last masterpiece before he dies

      1. abhishek singh rajput

        Right bro Like Shiva Rangeela Satya Kaun Sarkar, sarkar raj Company Jungel Bhoot Rakht charitra

    84. Arbin Gowrkha

      Gajadi party

    85. krissiva murthy

      Anurag looks like young Karan Johar.He looks Anurag minus attitude.Now he thinks that he is the best and shares his opinions on everything except movies.Manoj bajpayee looks dashing.Ramu looks innocent and hungry for success

    86. hari praveen

      It wa the time when rgv hasn't had any crack in mind

    87. Anil Khare

      Simplicity, no glamour, no attitude, those were the days

    88. G Sreenivas

      The lost dignity of many

    89. Bharti Chauhan

      I never knew anurag kashyap was so good looking

    90. namrata surve

      Makarand Deshpande is one of the brilliant actor. Felt that the message of the film given by the producer was better than kashyap, as you can see until now he promotes the same in real life

    91. Rae Charles

      What’s with the background noise bollocks, fucking sort it out; especially with such a legendary film?!!!

    92. Vikram Betaal

      And finally Soft porn actress arrives..😄😄😆😆

    93. para commando

      Who is this bloody anchor

    94. Khushal Vasudev

      Thaapad Khayaaa thaaa RGV kee wife se Urmila ne

      1. Reeta Rawat

        Kya bakwas hai - I guess you were there

    95. Forefather Of Mankind

      RGV ne majbut liya isse and iske ga*d mein bhi ungli and tongue daali hogi Anurag kashap chutiya

    96. vipooo9

      When RGV used to get standing ovation for his movies.

      1. Sri Srinath

        When you were a kid.😀

      2. Sayan SenGupta

        Very true.He completely lost touch.

      3. Mr R

        Not for throwing chappal

      4. aayush chawla

        He is still getting those.....😂😂

    97. A pop

      Here for Anurag Kashyap ❤️

    98. Purrfect Painters

      Makarand Deshpande is such a hipster

    99. Ron S

      When Bollywood parties used to be drug free..

      1. Puneeth Prasannan

        How can u tell buddy?

    100. Nashid Hussain

      My favorite movie satya nd company. Pakistan