Tabu's Exclusive Interview On Bollywood Debut, Success And Failure | Flashback Video

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    On Tabu's birthday, let's revisit this old interview of the actress as she talks about her debut, success and failure in the Bollywood industry. #Tabu

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    1. Khalil Khan

      Tabu best Actrsss😍😘💯💯💯💯💯

    2. Lilly Goq

      why she never married or even boyfriend

      1. sathi sathish


      2. Rohit k

        Ajay devgan is her love

    3. hori jatap

      I love you moom tabu

    4. hori jatap

      I love you moom tabu

      1. hori jatap

        I love you moom tabu

    5. hori jatap

      I love you moom tabu

    6. hori jatap

      I love you moom tabu

    7. Shaid ahamad Ahamad

      Tuje dek ke dadak taa hai dil honto pe mere tera naam hai supar song tabu g

    8. sumit kharat

      Aishwaryarai video

    9. Samiulla Khan

      There is slight hyderabadi slang when she was new in Bollywood

      1. champ flowahbomb

        Really! I don't know hyderabadi so at what parts can I hear her accent?

    10. Manju singh

      Happybirthday. Tabu g

    11. Joydeep Mukherjee

      Tabu is a power house of talent. Even when she was new she oozed charm, innocence, vision and later with her performances she proved herself to be so adorable by being able to give her all for the character she emotes. She is a carelessly, careful performer and a class of her own. None can be so vulnerable and strong at the same time like dear Tabu.

    12. Klimov Nikolai


    13. anish john


    14. Dev Kumar

      2nd 😀